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The Party of Life - Short Story

At the party, the air is thick with laughter, conversation, drinks, food and fun. The massive ballroom is bright, glitzy and saturated with voices. I drift in and out of certain conversations that intrigue me, stopping occasionally out of curiosity. Conversations around life milestones, college, building a family, sports, hobbies, the pursuit of happiness, and career advancement. These conversations are entertaining and loud, and colorful. The party has so many things happening at once and it seems as though I could drift around forever. There are people I know sitting down at tables enjoying themselves as time passes and I feel this strong desire to be included, but eventually I drift away again.

I finally make it to the dance floor and find a dancing partner. Life is good. The dance is amazing, he is amazing, and it feels like a new beginning. The love of my life has swept me off my feel and now we walk together, taking small breaks from the dance floor to join in on conversations.

After some time, our hands drift apart. We are separated by our attentiveness in this newest conversation and huddle of people. As I look around, I see a dark corner that peaks my interest and I find myself drawn to it. I drift away from the group of people, away from my partner, and begin to see that it is actually a hallway and I start walking faster. I see my partner looking around with concern as I move away. As I enter, he sees the hallway now too and starts walking towards it, filled with his own intrigue and wonder. Briskly walking now, the noise of the part fades. Once inside, it’s quiet and it’s dark. I pause and feel a presence all around me and a new warmth fills me with joy unlike any moment experienced while I was in the party. The presence tells me to keep walking forward and that he will guide and protect me.

The darkness is so profound and it suddenly washes over me that I am now separated from the friends and family that I left in the party. I know immediately that this walk will be better than what’s behind me and that this new journey has already begun to transform me. I look around but the effort is useless. I speak to the presence and ask that he guide my partner, family and friends toward the hallway as well so that I can see him again. I continue to walk forward.

Eventually, I become more comfortable with the presence that guides me. I can often feel him pull me in different directions. Occasionally, when I stumble, he holds me steady so I do not fall. We begin having conversations about life and happiness, love and evil. I learn to understand the truths of life and of the party and I now know that much of what was going on was a distraction from the journey that I was meant to take.

Small rays of light eventually begin to appear and I look around me. I realize that the rays of light are coming from another large ballroom, and there are lots of people. I can see the outline of my partner just behind. The people in this party are talking and laughing – just like before, but they are rejoicing and praising as well! I am elated to see others I know but didn’t notice were missing. I soon realize that everyone here has taken the same journey! The conversations are still full vigor and enjoyment, but they are now centered on God.

I reconnect with my partner and we drift in and out of conversations. We land stop at a discussion that catches our attention. They are talking about going back! They want to go share their journey with others they were separated from and show others the light that we all now see. They talk about how we should be like salt and show others there’s so much more to experience! Taking the hand of my partner, we turn towards the hallway with our minds set on returning to the original party with a new purpose.

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