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And he said, #testhim.

I wrote this almost exactly 1 year ago. Pre-covid, before my own abundant transformation.

Even when it seems like it may not be the right time. Thought I’d share.

Over the last 2 years, my husband and I have been on a spiritual journey. Growing deeper in our faith, our marriage and focusing on being better people. By no means are we perfect, but we have decided together and separately to walk in faith more.

Tithes have always been something that have been hard for me even in this time of growth because I am ambitious, I am desiring of a specific kind of lifestyle and of course because we are constantly being immersed in a world with roots deep in greed.

My testimony isn’t one of overwhelming struggle or strife, it is one focused on the blessings of god when you walk in faith. Here goes...

Tithing has always been something we both agreed to, but the % wasn’t a full and deliberate 10%. In July we decided to begin giving a full 10% after I received a few new ongoing contracts and the jump to the total amount was significant Knowing that freelance contract work was fickle and can be inconsistent.

I was concerned about the amount of income versus normal expenses and if we’d have to cut back on any of our extra amenities we had set for ourselves, but my husband was definitely less concerned. His strength in his faith has always been interesting because it can seem nonchalant but when looking deeper is extreme faith.

Anyhow, we started our journey and in November, a few of my contract clients decided to change directions and cut back. This posed an significant impact on our finances and in less than 30 days we lost over $1000 of income. I wasn’t sure if we should decrease the amount we tithed now that the amount was significantly over 10% or if we should rely on faith and remain at the amount we had set for auto draft.

I talked to my ever confident husband who shrugged off the idea saying something like, “don’t worry about that right now, God will take care of our’ll get another contract.”

Now, it would be dishonest of me to tell you that I agreed with him. I was nervous, scared, and concerned about money more than ever and it stressed me out. But, through my walk, I have (as dominant as I am) made a conscious effort to yield to the direction and faith of my husband.

The months of November and December have been a true testament of my blessing. It started with a family member who I had done some design work for - without expecting payment. $400 generous payment, not that It wasn’t deserving, but I hadn’t asked and didn’t expect it. Then, I went to get my hair colored and my Loctician says “don’t worry about payment! I’m still perfecting the color process”. I’m sure the final payment would have been $100+. Days pass and a client that hadn’t been in communication with me in over a year, came back and said he wanted to pay for the work I did last year that hadn’t been finalized and finish the project - $150 back in my pocket. Another client who had gone on hiatus after an issue with her family, asked to finalize the design and submit her $200 final payment on her website.

I had been trying to convince a coworker to visit my lash technician (no judgement - yes, I have false eyelashes) and she had been putting it off for a while. Finally, she asked for the number and made an appointment. The next day, I went to my scheduled appointment and when I went to pay, my lash technician told me that my coworker had purchased a $150 gift certificate for me and that would cover the cost of my service.

That same week we received a 2 separate checks in the mail that were credits on accounts we hadn’t even known had a credit.

My grandparents arrived in town for the holidays in the middle of November and from the time they arrived until they left in December, they cook everyday (literally every day), my parents hosted these meals - a true blessing - and we cut our grocery expenses for a house of 5 in half.

This is my testimony, my blessing. My family and I are blessed, and although this isn’t a story of dire constraints, this is a story about everyday blessings that don’t normally get described. Thanks for reading and I hope this encourages someone to give.

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